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What is a cat Cafe?

Cat cafes are all the rage in big cities across Asia, Europe, and now, the USA. New York, San Francisco, and Orlando have their cat cafes, so why not Saint Augustine, FL? Some of you may be wondering: What’s a cat cafe?

A cat café is a normal café where cat-loving individuals purchase food and drink and other novelty cat related items. Also located in the café (in an easily accessible yet separate, closed-off section) is a room full of happy, healthy, relaxed cats available for adoption. Patrons of the café may watch them play from the comfort of the café area or choose to pay a small fee to enter and hang out in this cool “cat room” to play with the cats.

What is the purpose? The original purpose of the cat café was to provide people who are not able to afford or allowed to keep pets in their small apartments the opportunity to play with happy, healthy cats in a safe environment. The cat café concept started in the 1990s in Taiwan the trend has slowly been moving to the United States. While the original purpose is still valid, American cat cafes put a new spin on the concept by showcasing cats available for adoption.

The purpose of this page is to gauge interest in a cat cafe in the Jacksonville/Saint Augustine area. Would you like a place where you can cuddle up with a delicious cup of coffee and cute kitty? We sure hope so! But we can’t do it without you! Please support us by making a purchase from our online store! Shop Candles! Shop Soaps! Shop Shirts!




To provide a safe, clean, cozy and comfortable environment for people and cats to enjoy the benefit of each other’s company; and find their furr-ever friends.


We are making the world a better place for orphaned cats by working, along with local shelters, to help find cats furr-ever homes in a relaxed, no-kill, cage-free environment.